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The concept of perfection has fascinated humankind for many centuries. The ancient Greeks for example viewed perfection as a requisite for beauty and art. Just remember the feeling you had when you looked at a great piece of art the last time or when you heard that awesome tune a while ago. Think about that tickling sensation you get when you see someone beautiful walking towards you. Now imagine how it would feel if you could hold this pure perfection in your hands…


With our ElementSpheres we want to bring this vision to life. Carefully crafted out of 1kg finest elemental materials, our spheres bring perfection right into your home. Using 99.9% pure, first grade materials such as Silver, Titanium, Niobium, Tungsten and Copper in combination with German high-tech precision we achieve a 99.9% flawless spherical shape with no pollution, distortions or other imperfections.


Based in Pforzheim, which is also known as the "golden town" of Germany due to it’s heavy jewelry industry, we are able to work together with the best known specialists to reach this kind of quality and precision.

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